Academy for Faculty Advancement

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The Academy for Faculty Advancement (AFA) is a structured, longitudinal career development program for early career faculty on the Boston University Medical Campus. Participants specify an academic project that will advance their career. To assist in completing their projects, participants receive multiple forms of mentoring. The components of the AFA include:

  1. Project. Participants specify an academic project that will contribute to their professional advancement and provide a timeline designed to facilitate achievement of significant milestones by the end of the nine-month program.
  2. Functional mentor. An assigned content mentor from another department devotes one hour per month to supporting the participant in achieving progress on his/her project.
  3. Curriculum. Expert speakers address areas of professional development to successfully navigate a career in academic medicine through in-person, interactive sessions twice a month for 2.5 hours each.
  4. Peer mentors. Participants meet in learning communities during each in-person session to discuss applications of the curricular content to their work, and provide support and accountability to one another.
  5. Career mentors. Each participant meets individually with one of the program’s senior facilitators approximately once per quarter to discuss their career goals and challenges, and check-in on their experience in the program.

2014-2015 Curriculum

2014-2015 AFA Photo Roster

Tips for AFA Mentors and Mentees

AFA Participant Experiences:

I started my project: A Multi Modal Strategy for Teaching the Pulmonary Bedside Exam to Third Year Medicine Students while I was participating in the AFA. During the program I had the opportunity to connect with others who shared my interest in medical education, some who became mentors and collaborators for this project. My project was eventually written up and submitted to Med Ed Portal and was accepted for publication. This was my first attempt at a publication and I have to thank this program for encouraging me to turn my education into scholarship, taking it to the next level so to speak. This program provided inspiration, mentorship and encouragement and accessibility to collaborate inter-departmentally and was an overall invaluable experience.  – Melissa DiPetrillo, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Section of General Internal Medicine


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