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Special Recognition Teaching Award

The Robert Dawson Evans Faculty Special Recognition Teaching Award was established in 1998. It recognizes “special contributions” by a faculty member to the educational mission of our department over time. It is intended to acknowledge the value of exemplary skill, leadership, creativity, mentoring and other intangible aspects of the work needed to accomplish our teaching mission across all levels of trainees in the department. The criteria of “special” is intentionally ill-defined in an attempt to be inclusive and open to rewarding exemplary teaching that may manifest itself across the myriad of microenvironments in which this work occurs.

This award is given by the Department of Medicine. Any member of the Department, resident, fellow, or faculty can nominate faculty for this award. The only requirement is that the nominee must have been on staff for at least five years. Submit a detailed nomination letter here. Nominees are asked to comment on their special contributions to the educational mission of the department and to identify 3 additional persons who are familiar with their contributions. Letters of support are solicited from 3 individual identified plus the candidate’s section chief.

Past winners (not eligible for nomination):

1998 L. Jack Faling

1999 Edward Alexander and Robert Levin

2000 Elihu Schimmel

2001 Robert Witzburg

2002 Thomas Barber

2003 Sheilah Bernard and Steven C. Borkan

2004 Helen Hollingsworth

2005 Angela H. Jackson and Sharon A. Levine

2006 John H. Schwartz and Eric H. Awtry

2007 Robert C. Lowe

2008 George J. Philippides

2009 Lewis Weintraub and Jay D. Orlander

2010 Harrison Farber

2011 Anand Kartha

2012 Christine Phillips

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