Clinical Quality Improvement Award

The Department of Medicine is soliciting nominations for a new Award for Clinical Quality Improvement. This is intended to be for work that resulted in improvements in the provision of clinical care.

Nominations will be accepted for individuals or teams. Individual Nominees must hold a faculty appointment in the Department Of Medicine. Teams that are nominated must include at least one DOM faculty member who played a prominent role in the work. Team nominations must include the name of a principle point of contact for the team.

Criteria the committee will use to judge the worthiness of the nomination will include:

1.  The quality and outcome(s) of the project

2. The types and creativity of changes required to achieve improvement

3. Effort of staff required

4. Lessons learned

Other issues that will be considered include, but not required are: applicability of the findings to other units, generalizability outside the institution, scholarship produced, including presentations at meetings and traditional publications.

Please send your detailed written nominations in writing to Susan Cieri by September 6, 2013.

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