Katherine Wegman

Resident — Class of 2023

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Medical School: University of Rochester

Previous lives: College campus tour guide, anthropology researcher, Taekwondo instructor, CPR teacher

Interests/hobbies: Trail running, hiking, trying to grow plants, playing the accordion, food touring, making tea blends

5 year plan: Take good care of my patients and fam, learn and teach, have fun

If she wasn’t a doctor: Anthropology professor and manager of a small hostel for guests who trade community gardening skills for their room and board

Favorite sports teams: Either the underdogs or the NY Mets (usually they’re the same)

Favorite place to visit: Cape Town

Favorite movies: Isle of Dogs, Lion King, The Truman Show, The Imitation Game, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Prestige, 21 Jump Street