Henny Hong

Resident — Class of 2023

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea —> Boston, MA 

Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine

Previous Lives: Cellist, commercial jingle company intern, research technician in immunology

Interests/Hobbies: Coffee, pho, jjigae, beer, squash, hiking, cycling, running, dog parks & playgrounds

5-year plan: Learn to be a kind, competent doctor, soak up all the precious moments of my daughter’s toddlerhood, advocacy projects in Social Determinants of Health, learn to lap swim, learn to pickle edible Kimchi at home

If he/she wasn’t a doctor, he/she would be: An amateur theremin player (it is just the matter of time) 

Favorite sports teams: Red Sox, Celtics

Favorite place to visit: Westport MA, Porto Portugal, Vermont, Jeju Island

Favorite Movies: Nacho Libre, Before Sunrise, The Lobster, Avatar