BUSM Outdoor Outreach Club

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Symes (symes@bu.edu) and Dr. William Baker (willie.baker@bmc.org)


  1. Vision: As city-dwellers with busy schedules and limited budgets, many BUSM students find it difficult to engage in outdoor activities.
  1. Mission: Our mission is to help BUSM students get outdoors by offering organized trips, medically-related guest lectures, outreach opportunities, and a forum where students can coordinate their own trips.
  1. Goals:
    1. Our primary goal is for 60 BUSM students to participate in some combination of our outdoor trips, guest lectures or outreach events over the course of the year and to involve at least one classroom of underserved local kids in our outreach efforts.
    2. Our secondary goal is for 100 students to participate in trips and events coordinated through our group’s online forum.
    3. We also hope to seek out future club leadership at the start of next year amongst the incoming BUSM 1 class.
  1. Objectives:
    1. To sponsor 4-5 trips throughout the course of the year (1 or 2 in the fall and spring geared toward hiking/camping and 2 in the winter for skiing/snowboarding/snowshoeing/cross country skiing).
    2. To sponsor at least one outreach event (lunch talk or similar) in which we bring in a notable speaker to offer insight into topics like wilderness medicine.
    3. To sponsor at least one outreach event (likely spring) in which we connect with Boston children by taking them on a day hike or showing them how to camp.
    4. To provide a space for students to communicate and organize their own outdoor activities, in cooperation with the club.
    5. To partner with other student run activities and organizations such as the to carry out some of our objectives
    6. To partner with local organizations such as the AMC, the Boys & Girls club or get a grant from Target to sponsor a field trip in order to make our outreach as robust as possible.