Field Specific Advising Program

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Field Specific Advisor-Checklist

Role of FSAs

  • Faculty are well informed about their field, the demands of residency training programs and know the caliber of various programs around the country.
  • Faculty meet with their advisees and assist them with selecting and approving their 3rd and/or 4th year schedule.
  • Faculty assist their students with the selection of audition electives in their anticipated field of study, if appropriate.
  • The FSA helps he student realistically assess their own competitiveness within their prospective specialty
  • The FSA helps the student choose the most appropriate residency programs based on the student’s personal profile, board scores, academic performance, etc.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for contacting their FSA to schedule appointments for advising and for informing FSAs of deadlines for approving/submitting their fourth-year schedules. They should keep their FSA up-to-date on residency applications, interview schedules, etc.

Selecting an FSA

As you move through your required 3rd year clerkships, keep in mind those physicians with whom you have worked well. They may serve as a good FSA when it comes time for you to select one. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has a database of physicians who are willing to serve as FSAs.

3rd year students will be able to select their FSA after their class meeting in the spring. Students can only have one (1) FSA assigned at a time, but are able to change their FSA at any time; please contact the Dean writing your Dean’s Letter to notify of any FSA changes. It is perfectly okay to have an assigned FSA and meet with other physicians if you’re trying to decide between specialties. However only your OFFICIALLY ASSIGNED FSA will be allowed to sign off on your schedule.

To select an FSA, please use the Field Specific Advisor Selection PageIf there is a particular physician you would like to request that you do not see in dropdown menu, please type in their full name in the space provided, along with the department.

Forgot Who Your Advisor Is?

Your Academy Advisor and Field-Specific Advisor information is available to you via your Student Profile by clicking on “Advising Information.”