Letters of Recommendation

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships, Fellowships, Externships, Research Programs and Extracurricular Programs

Medical students may request a Letter of Recommendation for scholarships, fellowships, externships, research programs and extracurricular programs from the Student Affairs Deans: Angela Jackson, M.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs, John Polk, M.D., Kenneth Grundfast, M.D., Karen Symes, Ph.D., Daniel Chen, M.D., Robert Beazley, M.D., Arvin Garg, M.D., Megan Young, M.D. Paige Curran, M.A.

Please expect a 4 week turnaround time for your Letter of Recommendation to be completed. To request a letter:

  1. You must meet with one of the Student Affairs Deans to review your request, and your Dean must agree to write the letter on your behalf.
  2. You must turn in your CV to your Dean.
  3. You must submit a copy of the proposal you are submitting for your project
  4. You must submit the form below:
    Letter of Recommendation Request Form

For information about letters of recommendation for residency application:
Letters of Recommendation for Residency Application


Questions? Please contact Susan Norris in the Office of Student Affairs, (617) 638-4902, norriss@bu.edu