Student Evaluation Completion Policy

The school considers the completion of course and clerkship evaluation to be part of a student’s professional responsibilities and essential feedback for the ongoing monitoring of the learning environment.  To obtain adequate feedback, all students must complete at least 80%, per academic year, of their assigned evaluations of courses, modules, faculty, clerkships, and clinical sites.  In order to obtain actionable feedback, evaluations must be submitted via E*Value within 10 business days of the completion of the module/course. Students are highly encouraged to complete evaluations after the completion of exams. When possible, faculty will provide time after the exam to complete evaluations. Evaluations not completed within 10 business days will be automatically removed and no longer available for completion by the student.

The Office of Medical Education monitors compliance rates multiple times a year and formally notifies students of their compliance rate quarterly. Students will be notified of delinquent evaluations 48 hours before they expire. Students who have completed less than 80% of course evaluations at the end of a quarter will receive a warning email from the Director of Evaluation and Curriculum Management. If the compliance rate is less than 80% at mid-year, students will be expected to meet with either the Assistant Dean for Medical Education or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to develop a plan for improvement. Any student with less than 80% of course evaluation completed at the end of a full academic year will be referred to the Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee (SEPC ).

Approved by the Medical Education Committee (MEC) on May 19, 2017

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