International Women’s Day Photos & Quotes



I am proud to have run a majority female surgical oncology training program. A medical field that promotes equality is one that cares most for its patients.

– Joshua Ellenhorn, MD, (MED’84) –
General Surgery and Surgical Oncology



Orthopaedic surgery continues to lag behind other surgical subspecialties in terms of ethnic and gender diversity. When asked what specialty we are thinking about pursuing, we’re often met with a “really?!” after answering orthopaedics. We’re working hard to increase exposure to orthopaedic surgery for first and second year students, particularly women, by facilitating experiences to meet and work with women in orthopaedic residency, fellowship, and practice and help improve the disparity in the field!

-Nneoma Duru, (MED’22), (left) & Sehar Resad, (MED’21), (right)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “you don’t look like a doctor” or “you’re too young to be a doctor!” Half the time, it’s a compliment, said in admiration. The other half of the time, it’s because people are justifying why they don’t trust me or my recommendations. It’s incredibly frustrating after all the education, training, and experience I’ve had. I’m proud to strike the pose #eachforequal to show the world women can be successful, intelligent, and hardworking at any age, in any profession!

– Stephanie Lee, MD, (MED’14) –
Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine




– Chase Kahn, (MED’20) –








– American Medical Women’s Association Students –





Coming of age as an Indian girl was marked with questions about my ability to balance a career and future as a wife and mother. Starting before my birth, elders felt obligated to advise my parents on how to raise a proper, subservient homemaker, yet they gave me freedoms previously afforded only to sons while integrating me into a vibrant community of Indian immigrants. However, the community also contained individuals keen on preserving traditional gender norms, and as I grew older, I learned to convince myself that I won’t have to give up my career the way my mother and grandmother did. As a future physician, I hope to inspire another generation of girls pondering how to balance career with culture. For them, I choose to be resilient and demonstrate that women can pave their own path.

– Akanksha Srivastava, (MED’23)  –


As editor of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, I arranged, wrote, and edited for publication a special issue of the Journal updating the psychology of women from antiquated ideas and formulations. (Female Psychology: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Views: NY: International Universities Press, 1980.)

– Harold Blum (MED’53) –