Barbara Schreiber Appointed Assistant Dean, GMS Alumni Affairs

Barbara Schreiber, PhD, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, has been appointed Assistant Dean GMS Alumni Affairs.

In this role Dr. Schreiber will be responsible for:

  • Serving as a liaison between GMS and the BUSM Office of Alumni Affairs representing GMS students and alumni in outreach efforts
  • Coordinating and attending GMS alumni events and BUSM-wide events that include GMS alumni with the BUSM alumni office staff and deans
  • Helping to identify GMS and other BUSM PhD alumni candidates for an annual award
  • Developing a comprehensive database for PhD alumni
  • Enabling a PhD alumni network that can offer support for doctoral and post-doctoral trainees in their professional development

Dr. Schreiber came to BUSM in 1975 as a graduate student in Microbiology and earned her PhD in Microbiology in 1981. She was a post-doctoral trainee in Clinical Microbiology at University Hospital from 1981-83 and a postdoctoral fellow in Biochemistry from 1983-87. Dr. Schreiber was appointed research assistant professor in 1987, research associate professor in 1997 and associate professor in 1999.

Dr. Schreiber currently serves as director of Biochemistry graduate studies, director of the GMS Program in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS), and course manager of the biochemistry class taught to first-year BU dental students and Oral Health Sciences students. Additionally, Dr. Schreiber is one of the co-PIs on the NIH-funded BU’s BEST award, dedicated to broadening experiences in biomedical science training for our PhD students and post-doctoral trainees.