BUSM Forensic Anthropology Faculty Published in Journal of Forensic Identification

Faculty members in BUSM’s program in Forensic Anthropology recently wrote a technical paper “Relaxation of Clenched Digits in Cadaveric Hands to Facilitate the Recovery of Postmortem Friction Ridge Impressions” that will appear in the January/February 2014 issue of Journal of Forensic Identification that demonstrated a simple technique to more easily obtain finger or palm print impressions of deceased  individuals. This technique is particularly useful when determining identities resulting from mass casualty incidents.

Donal Siwek

Assistant Professor Donald Siwek, PhD and Instructor Gary W. Reinecke, retired FBI, detail how an incision placed at the crease of the wrist to sever the flexor tendons allows for access to the palmar surface of the hands in order to record postmortem fingerprint or palm print impressions for identification purposes. This technique will be proven to be helpful to the Medical Examiner community as well as law enforcement in general. Learn more about the Program in Forensic Anthropology at  http://www.bumc.bu.edu/gms/forensicanthro-masters-program/