M.S. in Forensic Anthropology

The MS in Forensic Anthropology at Boston University School of Medicine is designed to train individuals in the theory, practice, and methods of biological and skeletal anthropology employed by forensic anthropologists in medicolegal death investigations.

Students will receive extensive training in osteology, forensic anthropological techniques and procedures, forensic anthropology field methods, biological anthropology theory, taphonomy, human anatomy, crime scene investigation and methods of human identification.

This full-time 42 credit Masters of Science degree offers students a unique opportunity to apply the principles of anthropology, anatomy and osteology to establishing biological profiles, excavation of remains, criminal case work and other scenarios with unidentified remains.

Classes are lecture and laboratory based with opportunities for internships and directed studies. Students complete a graduate level research project that culminates into a full-length thesis or a completed manuscript for submission. Numerous research opportunities are available to students including access to our outdoor research facility, collaboration with the department of radiology, access to skeletal collections at Boston University School of Medicine and other institutions, universities and museums and the availability of of anatomical sciences laboratory.

Graduates will be qualified to continue their graduate education in a doctoral program and/or to be employed in the field of forensic anthropology.