Affirmative Action

Appointments to the faculty of the Boston University School of Medicine must comply with University policy with respect to equal employment opportunity. The policy is stated broadly, leaving actual recruitment strategies to the individual departments and sections and leading to a decentralized implementation within the University.

University guidance exists to assist the process. A Boston University Affirmative Action Plan is updated yearly, containing reports that monitor the University’s compliance with federal law. One of the reports is the Workforce Utilization report.

In addition, Affirmative Action guidelines for faculty recruitment have been written. Although most recruitments take place at the departmental level, these guidelines pertain to all recruitments:

  • Formulate a departmental recruitment plan
  • Articulate it as a written policy
  • Use it to cast a wide net, avoiding repetitive hiring practices
  • Require diverse search/interview committees

The following forms are required for Affirmative Action approval of each faculty candidate. These forms are in addition to the forms and letters required for the actual appointment process.

  1. BUSM Announcement of Intention to Recruit Faculty Position
  2. Boston University Affirmative Action Report Form A (Page 1)
  3. Boston University Affirmative Action Report Form A (Page 2)
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