1st and 2nd Year Medical Students

For first and second year medical students, it can be hard to know what specialty you will eventually pursue. Urology has a satisfying combination of medicine and surgery, with a large variety of procedures and sub-specialties (oncology, endourology, laparoscopy, robotics, infertility, female urology, sexual medicine, reconstruction, pediatrics, neurourology, etc.). We have the opportunity to follow patients for life for many of the diagnoses we treat. The best way to know if you want to go into urology is to see it for yourself. If you are interested in shadowing as a first or second year BUSM student please contact our medical student advisor, Dr. Shaun Wason (shaun.wason@bmc.org). Getting involved in research (even if you end up choosing another specialty) is another good way to explore various fields of medicine. You may also find the links below helpful.