Meet the Team

The REACH 4 ADHD lab is comprised of a diverse and multidisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to research, clinical care and education. Our team includes the following:

  • Members of the faculty at Boston Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine, and collaborators from affiliated health centers
  • Graduate, medical, and practicum students and other trainees
  • A diverse staff including clinical providers, medical students, study coordinators, data analysts, and research assistants
  • Undergraduate and graduate students from Boston University, Northeastern University, and Tufts University

REACH 4 ADHD Lab, Summer 2021

Left to Right: Chelsea Ji, Rohan Dayal, Shurobhi Nandi, Meera Savage, Andrea Spencer, Jennifer Sikov, Maddie Smith, Krystel Loubeau (and baby Adrianna), and Haniya Syeda


REACH 4 ADHD Lab, Spring 2019

Left to Right: Jennifer Sikov, Syeda Hasan, Andrea Spencer, Krystel Loubeau, Tithi Baul, Punit Matta, and Katie Rosen