Clinical Care

The ADHD Care Manager’s role was created to facilitate the ADHD Quality Improvement project implementation. By integrating the pediatric workflow, the care manager will help assist the pediatrics different members for better detection, evaluation, and treatment of attention problems within the clinic’s patients.

The responsibilities of the role include:

  1. Following up with the Medical Assistants about undocumented PSC-17 (Pediatric Symptom Checklist) forms, which is the screening tool used for detection of behavioral problems
  2. Informing Providers when follow-up plans for positive attention scores in the PSC-17 are not documented in patient’s file
  3. Prompting clinic’s Navigators when Vanderbilt assessments sent to parents and teachers are not returned
  4. Communicating as needed with Integrative Behavioral Health during care transition

This ADHD QI will introduce an improved way of treating ADHD. Our goal is to reinforce direct or indirect consultations with an embedded primary care child psychiatrist. Our primary care psychiatrist focuses her research and expertise on improving ADHD care and treatment. ADHD being one of the most common child behavioral health problem, our team is dedicated to ensure that children living with ADHD are receiving adequate treatment.