Settle In

Before you move to Boston

    Moving in

    • Use the Moving Day Cheat Sheet to make sure you are prepared for your move
    • Massachusetts Movers Association If you need a moving truck, reserve one in advance during the peak moving season (June, July, August, and September). Be smart about choosing a moving service, hire an established company with a good reputation. Massachusetts Movers Association will provide you a list.
    • Street Occupancy Permit In Boston and most of the towns nearby, a permit is issued which will assure you a spot on the street to park while you unload your belongings at your new apartment.
    • Boston’s Recycling and Trash Directory Trash is always a byproduct of any move-in process. Please be respectful of the community and the amount of trash you produce. Visit the above link for details.
    • Check out great offers from stores and apps for Boston University students


    Heat, electricity, water, and gas are considered utilities. Before renting, ask the landlord which utility costs you must pay. Make arrangements with utility companies as soon as possible. Waiting until you arrive when many other students are also moving into the area may leave you waiting for services.

    • Arrange to have services begin on the date you move in (or the day before, if the apartment is vacant).
    • Tell each utility company that you are a new tenant so that you will not be held responsible for the outstanding bills of the previous tenant. Sometimes utility companies want to verify with your rental agent or landlord that you are the new tenant. Clarification at the start can save you potential problems, like having your utility service shut off because the previous tenant did not pay their bill.
    • In this climate, heating costs tend to be very high. Depending on the size of your unit, the setting of your thermostat, the age of your building, and the quality of your building’s insulation, you could end up paying several hundred dollars a month in utility costs. Visit the U.S. Department of Energy to learn about energy efficiency.

    Resource:  In My Area assists you in finding the best deals:  internet, cable TV, home security, utilities,  insurance and more.


    Gas Heating

    Oil Heating

    • In an oil-heated unit, the incoming tenant often will pay the outgoing tenant for the amount of oil remaining in the tank.
    • Find out the name of the previous tenant’s oil supplier.
    • Consider joining an oil-buying cooperative to get a discount on heating oil.
    • The price of oil is in constant flux, so get the latest information from the sources below.
    • Low-income residents can apply for financial assistance with their heating bills.

    Oil-buying cooperatives

    Assistance for heating bills


    High Speed Internet

    Compare High Speed Internet Providers at

    Local Phone Service

    New and Current Customers for Landline

    Long Distance Phone Service

    Change of Address

    Obtaining a Massachusetts ID


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