½ bath: Toilet and sink only

a/c: Air-conditioned

appl: Appliances

avail: Available

balc: Balcony

bb: Baseboard heat

br: Bedroom

bkyd: Backyard

bldg: Building

brk: Brick

bsmt: Basement

d/d: Dishwasher and Disposal

d/w: Dishwasher

da: Dining Area

den: Room without closets

dr: Dining Room

dup: Duplex, a two-floor apartment/unit

dep: Deposit

eff: Studio apartment (sometimes called an efficiency unit)

eik: Eat-in-kitchen: a kitchen large enough to hold a table and chairs.

elec: Electricity

elev: Elevator

fmr: First month’s rent

flr: Floor

fp: Fireplace

furn: Furnished

hw: Hardwood Floors

hse: House

ht, htd: Heated

imm occ: Immediate Occupancy

inc: Includes or Including

landlord: A person who owns the apartment and to whom rent is paid

lease: A legal document signed by both landlord and tenant specifying details of tenancy

lg: Large

lnd, lndr: Laundry

loft: Open floor plan, often adaptive reuse building

lr: Living Room

lmr: Last month’s rent

mo: Monthly

mod: Modern

no fee: No charge by a real estate agent or broker

no pts: No pets

non-smo: A person who does not smoke cigarettes, cigars, etc.

nr: Near

nwly ren: Newly Renovated

owner: Owner manages the building

owner/occ: Owner occupied: the owner lives in the building

prof: Professional

pvt bath: Private Bathroom

pvt rm: Private room

ref: Refrigerator

refs reqd: References required

ren: Renovated

rm: Room

sec: Security Deposit

sf: Square Feet

svc: Service

sl alcov: Sleeping alcove: an area large enough for a bed, not a separate room

studio: One-room apartment with a separate bathroom

split: 1 bedroom split, considered a 2 bedroom without a living room (or could be used as a 1 bedroom with living room)

sublet: An arrangement whereby a legal tenant of an apartment rents to someone else.

T: Near public transportation.

tenant: A person who rents an apartment from the landlord

twnhse: Townhouse style, several floors

util incl: Utilities are included in the monthly rent

util: Utilities (gas and electricity)

w/d: Washer/Dryer

w/w: Wall to wall carpeting

yd: Yard