About Boston


Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is a city of neighborhoods, each with unique characteristics, housing options and atmosphere. In many ways, Boston is more like a collection of mini-towns than a single unified city. Understanding the city will give you the best opportunity to enjoy the wonderful aspects of life in Boston, while maintaining realistic expectations about your housing options.

Neighborhood Reference Map

Boston: A City of Neighborhoods

BUMC is located in the historic South End neighborhood of Boston. Many students (about 25% of the BUMC population) choose to live in the South End.

The descriptions are intended to provide you with an idea of what these neighborhoods can offer. No neighborhood, especially in an old and charming city like Boston, can be described in a few pages.

Nearby Neighborhoods

BU Today offers information about what’s new and happening in nearby neighborhoods.

Rental Comparisons

Neighborhood rental prices vary greatly.  Visit the link above, BU Off-Campus Services, see Resources for an idea about the differences.

RentSmart Boston

The City of Boston’s RentSmart website allows a possible tenant to view any safety violations, building violations or other public services-related issue associated to every residential address in the City.