Student Committee on Medical School Affairs

ATTENTION: Food purchases are currently prohibited until further notice

  • Groups with excess food budgets may ask to use them for different purpuses. Any leftover funds will not be counted against your group and they will be resorbed by SCOMSA and reallocated in the Spring semester


The Student Committee on Medical School Affairs (SCOMSA) is the student government of Boston University School of Medicine. We are a committee of students comprised of elected representatives from each class. Members meet on a monthly basis to review budget requests from individuals and campus organizations, and to discuss important issues facing the student body. The committee serves to facilitate open communication between students and administration.

In addition, SCOMSA funds travel to conferences that help enrich the medical school experience as well as organizes multiple social events including Winter Formal, Ski Trip, and Skit Night with the aim of enhancing student life at BUSM.


To qualify for funding follow these steps:



Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine