The Vice Chair is responsible for conducting elections as delineated in the By-laws of the Student Committee on Medical School Affairs. All elections will be announced via BU email and instructions for candidacy and voting will be detailed then.


Within five weeks of matriculation, a secret ballot election will be held for the new M1 class to select seven MD representatives and one MD/PhD representative to SCOMSA’s General Body. To announce candidacy for this election, students must submit a short video outlining their experience and goals as a representative. Two representatives who were elected will also be simultaneously elected as the Wellness Liaison and also the Dean’s Executive Committee representative. Candidates may choose to run for these positions at the same time as they run for a SCOMSA General Body representative position and failure to be elected to these positions do not exclude someone from a General Body position.


Representatives elected during the Fall Elections serve for six months, at which point another election will be held to select permanent representatives that will serve their class until graduation. The original representatives are eligible for this election, and the Wellness Liaison and Dean’s Executive Committee positions will also be reelected at this time. Students can announce candidacy through a written paragraph describing their past work if they were a representative during the Fall semester, or qualifications if they are a new candidate.

For both elections, those with the highest vote totals, ranked 1-7, shall be elected as MD representatives, and the MD/PhD candidate with the highest vote total shall be elected as the MD/PhD representative. 60% of the class must vote in order to reach quorum and validate the election results. All representative-elects are subject to approval by the Deans of the Medical School.

Policies regarding timelines and announcements are detailed in the By-laws.

Any questions regarding the elections process should be directed to SCOMSA@bu.edu or the current Vice Chair of SCOMSA.