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Publications from the CBI

Differentiating Between Healthy Control Participants and Those with Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Volumetric MRI Data.

Renée DeVivo, Lauren Zajac, Asim Mian, Anna Cervantes-Arslanian, Eric Steinberg , Michael L. Alosco , Jesse Mez , Robert Stern, Ronald Killany,  2019, Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

Multimodal MR-imaging reveals large-scale structural and functional connectivity changes in profound early blindness

Corinna M. Bauer, Gabriella V. Hirsch, Lauren Zajac, Bang-Bon Koo, Olivier Collignon, and Lotfi B. Merabet. 2017 , PLOS One.

Retained executive abilities in mild cognitive impairment are associated with increased white matter network connectivity
Danielle C. Farrar & Asim Z. Mian & Andrew E. Budson & Mark B. Moss &
Bang Bon Koo & Ronald J. Killiany for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. 2018 , European Radiology.

Abnormal white matter tractography of visual pathways detected by high-angular-resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI) corresponds to visual dysfunction in cortical/ cerebral visual impairment
Corinna M. Bauer, PhD, Gena Heidary, MD, PhD, Bang-Bon Koo, PhD, Ronald J. Killiany, PhD, Peter Bex, PhD and Lotfi B. Merabet, OD, PhD. 2014 , J AAPOS.

Seed Location Impacts Whole-Brain Structural Network Comparisons between Healthy Elderly and Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease
Lauren Zajac , Bang-Bon Koo, Corinna M. Bauer, Ron Killiany and Behalf of the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. 2017 , Brain Sciences

Age-related changes in structural connectivity are improved using subject-specific thresholding
Corinna M. Bauer, Lauren E. Zajac, Bang-Bon Koo, Ronald J. Killiany, Lotfi B. Merabet. 2017 , J Neuroscience

Cerebral versus Ocular Visual Impairment: The Impact on Developmental Neuroplasticity
Maria B. C. Martín, Alejandro Santos-Lozano, Juan Martín-Hernández,
Alberto López-Miguel, Miguel Maldonado, Carlos Baladrón, Corinna M. Bauer and
Lotfi B. Merabet

Real world navigation independence in the early blind correlates with differential brain activity associated with virtual navigation
Mark A. Halko, Erin C. Connors, Jaime Sánchez, and Lotfi B. Merabet

Disentangling How the Brain is “Wired” in Cortical (Cerebral) Visual Impairment
Lotfi B. Merabet,OD,PhD,MPH, D. Luisa Mayer,PhD, Corinna M. Bauer,PhD, Darick Wright, COMS, and Barry S. Kran,OD

The influence of pericardial fat upon left ventricular function in obese females: evidence of a site-specific effect
Ning Hua, Zhongjing Chen, Alkystis Phinikaridou, Tuan Pham, Ye Qiao, Michael P LaValley,
Sherman J Bigornia, Megan R Ruth, Caroline M Apovian, Frederick L Ruberg and James A Hamilton

Early in vivo discrimination of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques that disrupt: A serial MRI study
Tuan A. Pham, Ning Hua, Alkystis Phinikaridou, Ronald Killiany, James Hamilton

Spatio-temporal texture (SpTeT) for distinguishing vulnerable from stable atherosclerotic plaque on dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE) MRI in a rabbit model
Tao Wana, Anant Madabhushi, Alkystis Phinikaridou, James A. Hamilton and Ning Hua, Tuan Pham, Jovanna Danagoulian, Ross Kleiman, and Andrew J. Buckler

Hippocampal subfield and medial temporal cortical persistent activity during working memory reflects ongoing encoding
Rachel K. Nauer, Andrew S. Whiteman, Matthew F. Dunne, Chantal E. Stern
and Karin Schon

Entorhinal volume, aerobic fitness, and recognition memory in healthy young adults: a voxel-based morphometry study
Andrew S. Whiteman, B.A, Daniel E. Young, Sc.D, Andrew E. Budson, M.D. , Chantal E. Stern, D.Phil., and Karin Schon, Ph.D.

Characterizing Visual Field Deficits in Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment(CVI) Using Combined Diffusion Based Imaging and Functional Retinotopic Mapping: A Case Study
Lotfi B. Merabet, Kathryn J.Devaney, Corinna M.Bauer, Aparna Panja,
Gena Heidary and David C. Somers

Neural correlates associated with superior tactile symmetry perception in the early blind
Corinna Bauer, Lindsay Yazzolino, Gabriella Hirsch, Zaira Cattaneo, Tomaso Vecchi, and Lotfi B. Merabet

Corticospinal tract location in internal capsule of human brain: difusion tensor tractography and functional MRI study
Yun-Hee Kim, Dae-Shik Kim, Ji Heon Hong, Chang Hyun Park, Ning Huac, Kevin C. Bickart, Woo Mok Byun and Sung Ho Jang

A framework to analyze partial volume effect on gray matter mean diffusivity measurements
Bang-Bon Koo, Ning Hua, Chi-Hoon Choi, Itamar Ronen, Jong-Min Lee, Dae-Shik Kim

Regions of low endothelial shear stress colocalize with positive vascular remodeling and atherosclerotic plaque disruption

A Phinikaridou, N Hua, T Pham, JA Hamilton

In vivo Detection of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque by MRI in a Rabbit Model
Alkystis Phinikaridou, PhD; Frederick L. Ruberg, MD, Kevin J. Hallock, PhD, Ye Qiao, PhD, Ning Hua, BS, Jason Viereck, MD, PhD, James A. Hamilton, PhD

Neuroplasticity associated with tactile language communication in a deaf-blind subject
Souzana Obretenova, Mark A. Halko, Ela B. Plow, Alvaro Pascual-Leone and Lotfi B. Merabet

Neural and behavioral correlates of drawing in an early blind painter: A case study
Amir Amedi, Lotfi B. Merabet, Joan Camprodon, Felix Bermpohl, Sharon Fox, Itamar Ronen, Dae-Shik Kim, and Alvaro Pascual-Leone

The Relationship of Ectopic Lipid Accumulation to Cardiac and Vascular Function in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
Frederick L. Ruberg, Zhongjing Chen, Ning Hua, Sherman Bigornia, Zifang Guo, Kevin Hallock, Hernan Jara, Michael LaValley, Alkystis Phinikaridou, Ye Qiao, Jason
Viereck, Caroline M. Apovian, and James A. Hamilton