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The Kottcrmlogohion lab’s goal is advancing our understanding of lung disease and developmental biology with a focus on stem cell biology and gene therapy. We believe that novel treatments for many lung diseases can be realized based on a better understanding of how the lung develops as well as regenerates after lung injury.Kotton Lab Featured on Lab TV

We are particularly interested in understanding how lung cells decide and remember who they are. To this end, one focus of our group is defining the genomic and epigenomic programs that regulate lung cell fate. A longer term goal is the de novo generation of the full diversity of lung lineages and transplantable 3D lung tissues from pluripotent stem cells. Our Principal Investigator, Dr. Darrell Kotton, also serves as the founding Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM). Take a full tour of the CReM by clicking on our logo above.Opening doors to open source medicine

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Have forty five minutes for an overview of our last decade? Listen here to Darrell’s CReM 10 Year Anniversary Grand Rounds 2023 Lecture

Listen here to Darrell’s ATS Discovery Series Lecture, “Lung Regeneration: An Achievable Mission.”

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