For centralized access to downloadable protocols, all our protocols are available at the protocols webpage of the Boston University Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM).

Finn Hawkins first green cells

To prepare to receive our cells, you can freely download all our detailed protocols needed for culturing them here. Of these, the most relevant protocols for receiving, passaging, differentiating, and maintaining iAEC2s or iBCs are:

Human ESC/iPSC lung progenitor differentiation

CD47/CD26 staining for FACS enrichment of human ESC/iPSC derived NKX2-1+ lung progenitors

Human ESC/iPSC alveolosphere differentiation

Receiving Shipped iAEC2s

NEED MORE HANDS-ON TRAINING? Attend our annual 1 week hands-0n training course on lung directed differentiation, held every spring in the CReM. Sign up through the CReM website.

Please click here to visit the CReM protocols page, where you’ll find all our detailed protocols related to:

  1. Directed Differentiation of mouse or human pluripotent stem cells into lung, thyroid, or liver lineages
  2. Reprogramming and Derivation of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells
  3. Lentiviral packaging and titering
  4. Culture Maintenance and Passaging of undifferentiated Embryonic Stem Cells or iPS Cells

Older protocols with helpful reagent calculator and spreadsheet:

Human Lung Directed Differentiation Protocol FH 2017. From Hawkins et al JCI 2017

Hawkins excel file with reagent catalogue numbers and handy Reagent calculator (JCI 2017).

If you can’t find the protocol you are looking for, please ask and we’ll send it to you! Click ‘Contact Us’ and ask our Lab Manager.