Kotton Lab Videos

blastocyst injection

  1. Lab TV: Interview with Darrell Kotton
  2. Darrell’s Grand Rounds lecture to celebrate the CReM’s 10 Year Anniversary, 2023
  3. ISSCR Basel 2017: RegMedNet Interview with Darrell Kotton
  4. iPS Cells Explained to the public by CReM Co-Directors: 2 videos (embedded in 2014 BU Today article)
  5. Lung Regeneration: An Achievable Mission (Darrell’s ATS Discovery Series Keynote, 2015)
  6. Regenerative Medicine for Alpha-1: Lay-friendly 2023 presentation on the potential for stem cells to help those with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency or other liver/lung diseases
  7. We are the CReM: intro video from 2013 opening
  8. Human iPSC-derived Lung lineage specification time lapse (Hawkins et al JCI, 2017) (embedded in article: scroll within article to view)
  9. CFTR-dependent forskolin induced swelling of human iPSC-derived “bronchospheres”. (McCauley et al, Cell Stem Cell, 2017)
  10. COVID-19 disease modeling with human iPSC-derived lung alveolar type 2 cells: Jessie Huang and Adam Hume tell the story and present the data.
  11. Nature Webcast by Darrell on lung organoids (2022)

Still Photos: Lab Life