Our Team:


DarrellDarrell Kotton, MD
David C. Seldin Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine

dkotton at bu.edu

Darrell’s 2017 CV: click here

Konstantinos Alysandratos, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine


kalysa at bu.edu

jeanJyh-Chang Jean, PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Medicine




Laboratory Staff


Leighann Sullivan, Ph.D.
Laboratory Manager and Research Technician

Education: Cornell University, B.S.  Rice University, Ph.D.

ls36 at bu.edu




Kasey Minakin

Laboratory Technician

Education: Syracuse University, B.S. in Biochemistry

kminakin at bu.edu






McKenna Montminy

Laboratory Technician

Education: Wellesley College, B.A. in Biological Sciences

mmontmin at bu.edu




Post-Doctoral Fellows

Michael Herriges, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Education: PhD, University of Pennsylania

Research Interests:
 Regulation of lung progenitor fates during development and after lung epithelial injuries

herriges at bu.edu



Jessie Huang, PhD
Post-Doctoral Associate

Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University
BSE, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: Signaling mechanisms regulating self-renewal and differentiation of alveolar type II cells

hjess at bu.edu




Andrea Alber, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Education: PhD, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Research Interests: In vitro differentiation of iPSCs towards the lung mesenchymal lineage to study lung mesenchyme development and disease

aalber at bu.edu



Hirofumi Kiyokawa, MD, PhD

Post-Doctoral Associate

Education: MD, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan

PhD, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan

Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms regulating cellular identity, plasticity and carcinogenesis of airway basal stem cells

hirofumi at bu.edu


P.J. Schnorr, MD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Education: MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School

BA in Philosophy and Economics, Boston College

Research Interests: Macrophages role in lung injury and repair

pschnorr at bu.edu




Graduate Students


Claire Burgess
PhD Student, Program in Biomedical Sciences
Education: The University of the South – BS in Biology and Mathematics
Research Interests: Understanding the Mechanisms that regulate alveolar epithelial type I cell differentiation using pluripotent stem cells
claireb at bu.edu



Martin Ma
MD/PhD student, Program in Molecular and Translational Medicine
Education: Tufts University, B.S. in Biochemistry
Research Interests: Engraftment of lung stem cells in injury and disease models
liangma at bu.edu







Bibek Thapa

PhD student, Program in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry

Education: Colby-Sawyer College, B.A. in Biology

Research Interests: Mechanisms regulating compensatory lung regrowth in murine models following injury

brt at bu.edu









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