GSI 2023 Pilot Grant Competition

The Genome Science Institute is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Pilot Grant Competition. We were able to support seven one-year pilot grants up to $10,000; each to enhance genetics and genomics research at Boston University/Boston Medical Center, with the use of kits, reagents, and other services with new genomic technologies.

  1. “Deciphering the role of β-catenin in beige adipogenesis”
    Nabil Rabhi, Ph.D. – Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

  2. Identify candidate enhancers through which Erf may regulate craniofacial genes”
    Shannon Fisher, Ph.D. – Department of Pharmacology

  3. “Long due: Simultaneous microRNA and transcriptome determination at single-cell resolution”
    Daniel Cifuentes, Ph.D. – Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

  4. “PAX3 cistromic and transcriptomic signature in melanoma”
    Deborah Lang, Ph.D. – Department of Dermatology

  5.  “Use of CUT&RUN in cell cycle synchronized popula8ons to elucidate the reten8on of histone post-transla8onal modifica8ons throughout the cell cycle, specifically in the context of the inac8ve X”
    Michael Blower, Ph.D. – Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

  6.  “Using SPLiT-seq to Explore Immunity Reprioritization Across Cnidarian-Algal Symbioses”
    Sarah Davies, Ph.D. and Thomas Gilmore, Ph.D. – Department of Biology

  7.  A Gene Regulatory Network for Communication-Based Pattern Formation In Developing Embryos”
    Cynthia Bradham, Ph.D. – Department of Biology

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