New Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine subscription access to the journal Genome Research

The BU Genome Science Institute would like to thank Young Joo Moon and Kate Flewelling of the Boston University Alumni Medical Library for helping our research community obtain a subscription to the premier genomics journal ‘Genome Research (’  from the Cold Spring Harbor Labs Press.  This link  will take you to the subscription login. We have access from August 1991 to the latest issue of ‘Genomic Research.’  Several labs at BU have published articles in the journal Genome Research, which is a cross-disciplinary high profile forum publishing studies that reflect aspects of the genetics and genomics fields in disease and medicine, neuroscience, microbiology, and human, animal, and plant biology.  It has an annual average impact factor of 10.

 The GSI works with faculty, staff and trainees at BU to find and facilitate resources for the genetics and genomics research community.  If you have other access requests for additional genetics and genomics journals and databases that would serve the BU research community, please get in touch with us at , and we will assist and provide support towards obtaining that resource as part of our center’s initiatives.  For example, the GSI has also worked with BU Alumni Medical Library to get an academic subscription to the REPBASE database, a key resource of genomic repetitive elements in biomedically relevant organisms.

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