GSI 2022 Pilot Grant Competition Winners

The Genome Science Institute is excited to announce the winners of the 2022 Pilot Grant Competition. We received 17 applications across the Charles River and Medical campuses. We were able to support four one-year pilot grants up to $20,000; each to enhance genetics and genomics research at Boston University/Boston Medical Center, with the funds for use at the BUSM sequencing cores or BUSM Data Science Core.

  1. “Understanding Cardiac Lineage Specification Through Analysis of an Imprinted Noncoding RNA locus”

Francesco Naya, Ph.D. – Department of Biology


  1. “Organoid- and Network-Based Investigation of Radioresistance Mechanisms in Head and Neck Cancer”

Stefano Monti, Ph.D. – Department of Medicine: Computational Biomedicine


  1. “Mechanistically Interrogate at the Gene Expression Level the effect of Anti-b1 Integrin Antibody on JAK2V617F+ Stem Cells”

Shinobu Matsuura, DVM, Ph.D. – Department of Medicine: Cardiovascular Medicine


  1. “Single Cell RNA Sequencing Profiling of Aneurysmal Aortic with Sirtuin-1 Deletion”

Francesca Seta, Ph.D – Department of Medicine: Vascular Biology Section

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