Fellow Didactic Series (three times a week): This is the primary endocrine didactic series for fellows. The fellows also participate in the New England Endocrine Alliance lecture series on Friday mornings, which is attended virtually by endocrine fellows from programs across the New England region. Faculty-led board review sessions occur throughout the year.

Endocrine Grand Rounds (once a week): Grand rounds presentations are provided by both internal and external speakers providing updates on clinical, research, and education-related topics.

Fellow case conference (once a week): Presentations occur following grand rounds to highlight cases with interesting or difficult diagnostic and management questions.  These sessions are periodically used for a morbidity & mortality case presentation.

Diabetes technology conference (once a month): This is a monthly conference to review the use of technology (continuous  glucose monitoring and insulin pump) in the care of patients with diabetes.


Journal club (once a month): The purpose of these sessions is to help fellows develop skills in the critical appraisal of medical literature. Four sessions a year are dedicated to reviewing articles which highlight issues related to social determinants of health and disparities in endocrinology.

Thyroid Cancer Tumor board (once a month): During this conference, a multi-disciplinary team of endocrinologists, thyroid surgeons, pathologists, and oncologists discuss the management of thyroid cancer for patients seen at Boston Medical Center. Second year fellows are actively involved in tumor staging and developing management plans.

Thyroid cytology conference (once a month): During this conference, thyroid fine-needle aspiration cytology is reviewed along with relevant clinical history and ultrasound imaging.

Pituitary Case conference (once a month): Fellows can attend the monthly pituitary case conference to discuss complicated cases of pituitary disease in a multi-disciplinary setting.