Diabetes Research

The diabetes research unit is composed of an interdisciplinary team engaged in basic, translational and clinical diabetes research. Research interests of our team include: diabetes types 1 and 2, atypical diabetes, MODY, inpatient diabetes management, and diabetes pathophysiology and the role of T cells. To learn about individual research interests, please click on the faculty member’s name to be taken to their profile. You can also find a list of their publications there.

Our Research Team

Clinical Investigators

Sara Alexanian, MD
Katie Modzelewski, MD
Devin Steenkamp, MBChB
Catherine Sullivan, MD
Kathryn Fantasia, MD

Basic Science Investigators

Barbara Corkey, PhD
Jude Deeney, PhD
Hans Dooms, PhD

Research Support Staff

Ashley McCarthy – Clinical Research Manager
Christina Nowak – Senior Research Assistant
Zhihui Ju, MSPH – Research Coordinator

Our Research Studies

Ongoing Research StudiesGAZELLE trial logo

GAZELLE Trial (Mylan): If you are an adult between ages 18 and 65 living with type 1 diabetes you may be eligible to take part in the GAZELLE clinical research trial. This trial will look at an investigational fast-acting insulin to see if it works as effectively as an existing fast-acting insulin already being used to treat diabetes. Trial-related medications, procedures, equipment and supplies will be provided at no cost; health insurance is not required to participate.

SWITCH PRO (Novo Nordisk): This clinical trial is comparing the effect of insulin degludec and insulin glargine. Participants will first go through a 4-week screening and run-in period. If eligible to continue in the study, participants will be treated with insulin degludec (100 U/mL) and insulin glargine (100 U/mL) during two different periods each of 18 weeks duration. Both medicines are approved for use in humans and available on the market. In order to evaluate  changes in blood sugar level over time while being treated with the two different insulins, participants will be asked to wear a small blood sugar sensor on the back of their upper arm 3 times during the study. To see if you may be eligible for the study, please take this brief questionnaire.

Switch Pro Study Logo

The ENDO (Endocrinology, Nutrition, and Diabetes Opportunities) Registry: We are currently creating a registry of interested individuals who would like to participate in research at Boston Medical Center or Boston University School of Medicine. The option to join the registry is voluntary. Joining will not affect the care you receive at Boston Medical Center. For more information, please read the ENDO Registry Consent Form. To enroll in the registry, please go to https://is.gd/ENDOregistry. If you have questions prior to enrolling, please email or call 617.414.2935.

Estamos creando un registro de individuos interesados en participar en estudios de investigación en Boston Medical Center o Boston University School of Medicine. Participar en el registro es voluntario. Participar no afectará la atención recibida en Boston Medical Center. Para más información, por favor leer el formulario de consentimiento. Para inscribirse en el registro, por favor ingresar a https://is.gd/ENDOregistry_Spanish.

ENDO registry logo







Patients and visitors: If you are interested in hearing about studies that you may be able to participate in, please consider enrolling in the ENDO Registry. Alternatively, you may also email or call 617.414.2935.