Thyroid Unit

Thyroid Health Center: Drs. Lee, Farwell, and Pearce offer nationally and internationally recognized expertise in diseases of the thyroid in the Thyroid Center. The thyroid staff currently participate in writing national guidelines,  teaching national courses and writing authoritative manuscripts on the diagnosis and management of thyroid disease. The Thyroid Center offers comprehensive medical evaluation and medical and surgical therapies of diseases of the thyroid. Endocrine fellows in the Thyroid Center will have the opportunity to acquire these skills which can provide:

  • Fellows opportunity to apply for ECNU certification after 2nd year.
  • Thyroid and neck ultrasound of thyroid nodules, parathyroid adenomas and neck lymph nodes
  • US guided biopsy of thyroid nodules, parathyroid adenomas, and lymph nodes
  • Radioactive iodine ablation of hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer
  • Dosimetry for maximal dose radioactive iodine therapy

Dr. Lee offers special expertise in the management of hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine including  maximal dose I-131 therapy of advanced thyroid carcinoma developed by Dr. Lee. Following this fellowship, fellows will have adequate didactic, laboratory and clinical experience to apply for an individual permit  to order and administer I-131 therapies in practice.

The endocrinologists and surgeons (David McAneny, M.D.,  and Thurston Drake, M.D., of Surgical Oncology and Gregory Grillone, M.D, Anand Devaiah, M.D., and Dr. Pieter Noordzij, M.D. of  Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery) work closely to ensure excellent coordinated care of patients who require surgical treatment of their thyroid disease.