Thyroid Research

Elizabeth Pearce, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine, conducts clinical and epidemiologic research in areas including the sufficiency of dietary iodine in the U.S., thyroid function in pregnancy, the thyroid effects of environmental perchlorate exposure and other potential endocrine disruptors, and the cardiovascular effects of subclinical thyroid dysfunction.

Stephanie Lee, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, maintains an interest in the molecular biology associated with thyroid malignancy. She is currently investigating the role of molecular markers in the thyroid cancer within a database of thyroid cancer patients that she maintains.

Sun Y. Lee, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor of Medicine, has interest in clinical and epidemiologic research in areas of iodine utilization, thyroid function, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that interfere with iodine and thyroid function in pregnancy. She is funded by NIH K23 award.