STOP Study


Principal Investigator

Michael D. Stein, MD
Professor of Medicine, Health Services, Policy & Practice
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Director of the General Medicine Research Unit (GMRU) at Butler Hospital

Key Personnel

Jane M. Liebschutz, MD, MPH, FACP; Site Principal Investigator

Debra Herman, PhD; Psychologist and co investigator developed the survey assessment tools

Donna Beers, RN BSN CARN; Opioid Treatment Specialist

Colleen Labelle, RN CARN; Program Director STATE OBOT-B

Daniel Alford, MD; Co-investigator

Alexander Walley, MD; Co-investigator

Grant Abstract

The goal of this study is to determine ways of reducing HIV risk behaviors in opioid dependent drug users recruited during hospitalization and followed into the community. In the general hospital setting, the prevalence of injection drug use is high, patients who otherwise might not seek care are accessible, and the presence of a drug- related illness can set the stage for patients to be more receptive to interventions (Stein, 1999). In the present study we suggest that initiation of Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone ) during hospitalization, and linkage to maintenance Suboxone in office-based practices after hospital discharge will enhance HIV risk reduction among opioid dependent drug users.