Russian PREVENT Study


Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Samet, MD, MA, MPH

Key Personnel

Christine Chaisson, MPH

Debbie Cheng, ScD

Nick Horton, PhD

Evgeny Krupitsky, MD, PhD, DMSci

Suzette Levenson, MPH

Anita Raj, PhD

Edwin Zvartau, MD, PhD, DMSci

Project Manager

Carly Bridden, MA, MPH

Data from this study are available from our URBAN ARCH Repository.


Raj A, Cheng DM, Krupitsky EM, Coleman S, Bridden C, Samet JH.  Correlates of any condom use among Russian narcology patients reporting recent unprotected sex.  AIDS and Behavior. 2009; 13:310-317. PMCID: PMC2651995.

Raj A, Cheng DM, Krupitsky EM, Levenson S, Egorova VY, Meli S, Zvartau EE, Samet JH.  Binge drinking and unsafe sex: a study of narcology hospital patients from St. Petersburg, Russia. Substance Abuse. 2009; 30:1-10. PMCID: PMC2758047

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