RAMS CPDD Retreats

As part of the RAMS program, Scholars will attend The College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual conference. Scholars attend this NIDA-funded conference and participate in a variety of conference activities. The goal of the RAMS CPDD Retreat is to support Scholars in getting the most out of a scientific research meeting.

Scholars receive guidance from their mentors on preparing for the conference, select sessions to attend, review abstracts, and network with other researchers in the field.  In addition to the conference and program sessions, Scholars attend a poster presentation session and oral session with the RAMS Program Directors to learn how to most effectively utilize this rich conference feature. They also participate in leadership development sessions with Dr. Daryn David, PhD.

The CPDD retreat builds on the work done during the Boston Retreat, as it enables Scholars to participate in a large scientific research conference, taking full advantage of the many opportunities to learn and network in preparation for their future as research clinicians in the field of addiction medicine.

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