Laboratory and Biorepository Research Services Core

The Laboratory and Biorepository Research Services (LABS) Core is an institutional core housed within the BMC Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Its mission is to provide high-quality research services to members of the BMC and BU research community in order to support innovative and impactful science.

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Three primary service pillars:

  1. COVID-19 Biorepository – Access to prospectively collected and clinical remnant samples from COVID-19 patients.
  2. Clinical Remnant Sample Services – Investigator-initiated access to clinical remnant samples, including tissue and slides (i.e., leftover sample initially collected for clinical purpose)
  3. Biorepository Services – Sample processing services (e.g., PBMC isolation, plasma), storage, and shipping

The LABS Core serves to provide a central, standardized process for receiving, processing, and fulfilling research service requests. BMC serves a highly diverse patient population, including >70% identifying as African American, Hispanic, or Latinx and nearly 76% coming from underserved populations such as low-income or elderly. Samples and services provided by LABS can therefore support and elevate research that addresses health disparities, risk factors, and outcomes that disproportionately impact our patient populations.


Our services are designed to be cost-effective (as a cost-neutral core, all services we provide are designed to be “at-cost”) and able to elevate your research. For instance, leveraging clinical remnant samples for your ongoing study may allow you to reduce number of study visits or burden on study participants. Leveraging our sample processing services can remove the need to hire on laboratory staff and cover costs associated with accessing a laboratory.

Please note if your study requires collaboration with the BMC Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW), they will apply and invoice for their own fee schedule as applicable.

A schedule of sample and service fees is below. Please contact LABS Core team at for relevant fees, as noted, and for fees for external parties outside of BMC/BU.

The LABS Core serves as the umbrella over these formerly independent services:


Elizabeth Duffy, MA
Core Director

For all inquiries related to the LABS Core, please contact us at


Laboratory and Biorepository Research Services (LABS)
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, BMC
One Boston Medical Center Place
Boston, MA 02118


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