How to Use the Analytical Core

All users must have Boston University Credentials and must be registered with the Active Directory (AD)*

  1. Principal Investigators must register with the BU Cores Administration and submit his/her funding information. Please follow the steps outlined in Information for New Users.
  2. Users of Core equipment (technicians, post doc, grad student, etc.) must create a user profile in the Equipment Scheduling System and associate their profile to their respective PI’s funding information. Follow the steps outlined in Funding Source Validation to establish or change the status of an account.
  3. Login to iLab system to schedule equipment time or services.
  4. Schedule use under the Scheduling Wizard by specifying the instrument and time.
  5. Log-into the computer controlling the Core instrument and conduct experiments.

Important information:

  • Users agree to demonstrate general safety practices, respect all lab personnel and equipment, and follow protocols for bio-hazardous materials
  • Cancellations must be performed within 24 hour notice to avoid charges
  • Send Core director or Instrument Manager an email if training or special supplies are needed

Lab Access

To gain ID access to labs holding the Core equipment, email Lynn Deng, define the instruments you wish to use and location and provide contact information including:

  1. full name
  2. BU ID#
  3. position
  4. PI name
  5. lab location
  6. affiliation (department and section)


Matthew Au
AIC Lab Manager
650 Albany Street, Room 830
Boston MA 02118
(617) 358-6363 |
Lynn Deng
Director of Analytical Instrumentation Core
650 Albany Street, Room 848
Boston MA 02118
(617) 358-6516 |

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