Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Core Facility

The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Core Facility located within the Boston University Medical Center was constructed in 2013 and is now available for use by the broader Boston University research community.

The facility is comprised of three (3) primary spatial components including the actual GMP Lab (237 square feet), Ante Rm. (45 square feet) and the Vestibule (99 square feet).  It is a qualified facility for the development and processing of clinical grade stem cells from adult tissues and related materials for clinical trials and for potential therapeutic use. It is also suitable for vector production, material repackaging, and general support. All areas of the production facility have controlled access and are designed and maintained to a high standard of regulatory compliance and environmental quality. The design ensures orderly flow of raw materials, processes, and personnel. Critical facility parameters, critical controls and laboratory equipment are validated and are continuously monitored.

Sorvell Centrifuge Model # RT6000B
Biological Safety Cabinet VBM-400 N.S.F,Class II,Type A
Freezer Thermo Scientific -20°C Model # 3753 and Chart recorder model # 6383
Refrigerator Revco part # 1204A and Chart reorder #6383
Water Bath Model #1226
ThermoForma Incubator(s) Model # 3110 (two) and chart recorder 2(for incubators)
Inverted Microscope Olympus IMT-2
Location Hours Rates
Good Manufacturing Practice Core Facility GMP
72 East Concord Street
R Building – R209
Boston MA 02118
Monday – Friday / 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM $500/day internal users. $1,000/day external users for up to 30 days and long term use is negotiable.


Muzhou Wu, PhD
GMP Core Manager
(617) 358-9743 |

Jacy London
Executive Assistant
(617) 358-9770 |

Rhoda M Alani, MD
GMP Core Director &
Chair of Dermatology Department


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