Cryogenic Electron Microscopy Core

The Boston University Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (BU Cryo-EM) Core Facility is a custom-designed microscope facility located at the Center for Advanced Biomedical Research on the BU Medical Campus. We are committed to providing exceptional instrumentation, training, and advice for researchers looking to answer their scientific questions using cryo-EM/cryo-ET techniques. Our goal is to provide technical and scientific support for the entire cryo-EM/cryo-ET workflow including sample preparation, data collection, and data processing.

Instruments and Services


How to Schedule

Interested new users, please email the BU Cryo-EM Core Facility at to schedule an initial consultation to discuss how we can best meet your microscope needs and scientific goals.

Cryogenic Electron Microscopy
Cryogenic Electron Microscopy


Esther Bullitt, PhD
Professor and Core Facility Director (Team Lead)

Chad Hicks, PhD
Cryo-EM Scientist (Core Facility Manager)

Christopher Akey, PhD
Professor (Core Facility Advisor)


Center for Advanced Biomedical Research (CABR)
700 Albany St., Room W-110A
Boston, MA 02118