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Bio-Rad 2-Dimentional PAGE Apparatus

Bio Rad 2 Dimentional PAGE Apparatus

The Bio-Rad 2-Dimentional PAGE Apparatus PROTEAN IEF cell is used for running IPG strips or iso-electric focusing (IEF) polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). The cell can be used to run multiple IEF strips, with temperature control (10–25°C) and gel developing systems. The PROTEAN IEF cell is a key component of the Expression Proteomics line of products designed to meet the needs of high-throughput labs and occasional users of IEF PAGE.

The PROTEAN II Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus can be used for proteins, DNA, and carbohydrates separation by native either PAGE or SDS-PAGE applications with regular sized gels. The PROTEAN II Apparatus can also be used for the second dimension of the 2-dimentional PAGE (after IEF PAGE).

DOM Location: 650 Albany Street, Rm X-830

Internal Rate (Unassisted): $50 per run
Internal Rate (Assisted): $110 per run
External Rate (Unassisted): $89 per run
External Rate (Assisted): $195.80 per run

Instrument Manager: Lynn Lingyi Deng, PhD │lynndeng@bu.edu

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