Award Recipients: Distinguished Staff of the Month


Below is a list of past recipients of Distinguished Staff of the Month. Calls for nominations will go out in March, July, September, and December. BU Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine Faculty, Staff, and Students can nominate faculty members for this award. If you are interested, please click here for the criteria and the nomination survey.

Distinguished Staff of the Month Award Winners

Month, Year Awarded

Last Name

First Name


June 2024 Wiggins Michelle Pharmacology, Physiology & Biophysics
May 2024 Ellison Andrew MRI & Ultrasound Scanning Cores
April 2024 Turcotte Ryan Medical Campus Educational Technology
March 2024 Jaquez Juan BU Animal Science Center
February 2024 Lindner Holly Development & Alumni Relations
January 2024 Thomas-Iglesias Rhonda Alumni Medical Library
December 2023 Kendall  Matthew  Custodial services, Day & Evening
November 2023 Dooley-Lincoln Kerri Medical Education Office
October 2023 England Cheryl Pharmacology, Physiology & Biophysics
September 2023 Smith Karan Medicine
August 2023 Bouchie Robert Anatomy & Neurobiology
July 2023 Ikonomi Erita BUMC IT
June 2023 Gant Louise BU Human Resources
May 2023 Glumac Michael BUMC IT – Resource Scheduling Office
April 2023 Arena Kimberly Graduate Medical Sciences
March 2023 DiNicola Alyssa  Medicine
February 2023 Uretsky Madeline CTE Center
January 2023 Trainor Jodie Medical Education
December 2022 Ribeiro Jose Chobanian & Avedisian SOM, Facilities
November 2022 Marinelli Kathy Microbiology
October 2022 Burke John Joseph Anatomy & Neurobiology
September 2022 Gaston Ethan Animal Science Center
August 2022 Dyson Loretta Chobanian & Avedisian SOM, Registrar’s Office
July 2022 Holman Licia Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
June 2022 Barbosa Vanda BMC Medical Interpreter
May 2022 Dorney Christopher BUMC IT – Application Services
April 2022 Kelly Melissa Anatomy & Neurobiology
March 2022 Restrepo Jessica Medicine in Geriatrics
February 2022 Vlachos Jim BUMC IT – Application Services
January 2022 Gregory Ana Enrichment in Medical Education
December 2021 Rezende Isaque Medical Education
November 2021 Clinton Nancy Medicine, Vascular Biology
October 2021 Agosto Millie GMS, Registrar
September 2021 MacDonald Robin Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine
August 2021 Romulus Yvena Medical Education Office
July 2021 Clark Liz BUMC – Instructional Services
June 2021 Mazzeo Carla Medicine, Gastroenterology
May 2021 Norris Susan Student Affairs Office
April 2021 Rivera Elizabeth Medical Education Office
March 2021 Jayaraman Shobini Physiology & Biophysics
February 2021 Ogrodnik Matthew Thomas IRB
January 2021 Swenson Anthony BUMC – Instructional Services
December 2020 Ajayi Tinuola Medicine
November 2020 Mariani Megan Neurology
October 2020 Ivarson Theresa PA Program
September 2020 Jones Patricia Anatomy & Neurobiology