Suzanne Lourie Pineles, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychiatry

Suzanne Pineles
72 E. Concord St Instructional (L)


Dr. Pineles received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Northwestern University and completed a predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship with the Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology. Her primary research interests are in the areas of cognitive, physiological and neurobiological processes involved in maintaining posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She is currently funded to examine how menstrual cycle affects startle, sensory gating, and fear conditioning in women with PTSD.

Other Positions

  • VA Boston Healthcare System


  • Northwestern University, PhD
  • Northwestern University, MS
  • University of Pennsylvania, BA


  • Published on 4/10/2024

    Carpenter JK, Pineles SL, Griffin MG, Werner K, Resick PA, Galovski TE. Effect of PTSD treatment on cardiovascular reactivity during trauma memory recall and correspondence with symptom improvement. Eur J Psychotraumatol. 2024; 15(1):2335865. PMID: 38597201.

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  • Published on 3/11/2024

    Carpenter JK, Pineles SL, Griffin MG, Pandey S, Werner K, Kecala NM, Resick PA, Galovski TE. Heart rate reactivity during trauma recall as a predictor of treatment outcome in cognitive processing therapy for PTSD. Behav Res Ther. 2024 May; 176:104519. PMID: 38503205.

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  • Published on 2/29/2024

    Arditte Hall KA, McGrory CM, Snelson AM, Pineles SL. The associations between repetitive negative thinking, insomnia symptoms, and sleep quality in adults with a history of trauma. Anxiety Stress Coping. 2024 May; 37(3):394-405. PMID: 38425171.

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  • Published on 9/22/2023

    Pineles SL, Ni P, Pandey S, Japuntich SJ, Cesare N, Shor R, Carpenter JK, Gregor K, Joos CM, Blumenthal TD, Rasmusson AM. Tobacco withdrawal-induced changes in sensorimotor filtering as a predictor of smoking lapse in trauma-exposed individuals. Addict Behav. 2024 Jan; 148:107868. PMID: 37774527.

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  • Published on 6/2/2022

    Shor R, Borowski S, Zelkowitz RL, Pineles SL, Copeland LA, Finley EP, Perkins DF, Vogt D. The transition to civilian life: Impact of comorbid PTSD, chronic pain, and sleep disturbance on veterans' social functioning and suicidal ideation. Psychol Trauma. 2023 Nov; 15(8):1315-1323. PMID: 35653743.

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  • Published on 5/28/2022

    Rasmusson AM, Novikov O, Brown KD, Pinna G, Pineles SL. Pleiotropic endophenotypic and phenotype effects of GABAergic neurosteroid synthesis deficiency in posttraumatic stress disorder. Curr Opin Endocr Metab Res. 2022 Aug; 25. PMID: 36909842.

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  • Published on 12/28/2021

    Rasmusson AM, Pineles SL, Brown KD, Pinna G. A role for deficits in GABAergic neurosteroids and their metabolites with NMDA receptor antagonist activity in the pathophysiology of posttraumatic stress disorder. J Neuroendocrinol. 2022 02; 34(2):e13062. PMID: 34962690.

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  • Published on 10/4/2021

    Carpenter JK, Bragdon L, Pineles SL. Conditioned physiological reactivity and PTSD symptoms across the menstrual cycle: Anxiety sensitivity as a moderator. Psychol Trauma. 2022 Mar; 14(3):453-461. PMID: 35175083.

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  • Published on 7/15/2021

    Liverant GI, Gallagher MW, Arditte Hall KA, Rosebrock LE, Black SK, Kind S, Fava M, Kaplan GB, Kamholz BW, Pineles SL, Sloan DM. Suppression and acceptance in unipolar depression: Short-term and long-term effects on emotional responding. Br J Clin Psychol. 2022 Mar; 61(1):1-17. PMID: 34268773.

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  • Published on 5/10/2021

    Lago TR, Brownstein MJ, Page E, Beydler E, Manbeck A, Beale A, Roberts C, Balderston N, Damiano E, Pineles SL, Simon N, Ernst M, Grillon C. The novel vasopressin receptor (V1aR) antagonist SRX246 reduces anxiety in an experimental model in humans: a randomized proof-of-concept study. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2021 Sep; 238(9):2393-2403. PMID: 33970290.

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