Stanley E. Sagov, MD

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine

Stanley Sagov


Since 1969 in the Boston area, I have been a Family Practitioner sharing my patient encounters with medical students and residents in various practice sites. I have been interested in the ecology of families in health care and the ways in which the family can be helpful, neutral or deleterious to the care of an index patient. I also lead a jazz band and find the medicine and music more and more similar in the quest for expression and support for the marriage of kindness and rigor.

I have also written about childbirth from the vantage point of a Family Doctor, as compared to that of an Obstetrician, Pediatrician or Midwife. The other focus of my practice, teaching and working has been the psychology, sociology, politics, ethical and spiritual aspects of the doctor patient-relationship over time.

I have helped to develop the curriculum of the “New Pathway” at Harvard Medical School, as well as the Cambridge Health Alliance Third Year Program. I have been a Course Director as Associate Head of the Family Health Care Program hosting seminars as well as precepting courses.

Residents in medicine from Mt. Auburn Hospital serve in my practice. I also serve in the Mentorship Program at Harvard Medical School. Both as an attending physician on the wards and in my office preceptor role over the past 3 decades, I taught students and residents about clinical decision making, and procedural skills and gave them the privilege of sharing my long term relationships with my patients.

As a Physician Leader, as President of the Staff and Executive Committee member at Mt. Auburn Hospital and Chair of Credentialing and Board Member at Mt. Auburn and Cambridge Independent Physician Association, I have participated in policy making, governance and error reduction processes.


  • University of Cape Town, MD
  • New England Conservatory of Music, BA


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  • Published on 12/1/1970

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