Philip Chang, MD

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Philip Chang
710 Lawrence Expressway, Dept 460


My clinical services include serving as a neuro-hospitalist at and as a regional telestroke neurologist for Northern California since 8/2018. I am involved with regional conferences to discuss potential PFO closures. Besides my current clinical duties, I am involved in local and regional efforts to improve delivery of acute stroke therapies to patients in the northern California Permanente Medical Group. I am involved in medical student and resident teaching. In addition, I am also involved in the implementation and usage of Ceribell, an EEG-headband to improve treatment times of status epilepticus. In addition, I am a member of the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Neurology.

Given the rocky trial history of both alteplase and thrombectomy in acute stroke care, I have had a great interest in trial design and application of clinical trials in acute stroke care. In this purpose, I am a reviewer for the stroke council in the American Stroke Association for the journal Stroke. In addition, I am a contributor of “Blogging Stroke”, an American Stroke Association to popularize and inform the community about recent advances in stroke, along with personal interpretations of recent major clinical trials in a contemporary and accessible manner to the millennial generation.

Other Positions

  • Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center


  • Northwestern University School of Medicine, MD
  • Northwestern University, BA


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