Ning Hua

Assistant Professor, Radiology

Ning Hua
650 Albany St Evans Biomed Research Ctr


  • Boston University, PhD
  • Nanjing University, BS


  • Published on 6/17/2024

    Abdennadher M, Jacobellis S, Václavu L, Juttukonda M, Inati S, Goldstein L, van Osch MJP, Rosen B, Hua N, Theodore W. Water exchange across the blood-brain barrier and epilepsy: Review on pathophysiology and neuroimaging. Epilepsia Open. 2024 Jun 17. PMID: 38884502.

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  • Published on 5/23/2024

    Huang S, Han Y, Zeng X, Qi X, Li X, Li J, Ding G, Zhang Y, Hua N, Qian X, Wei N. Congenital epiblepharon in Chinese school-age children: a cross-sectional study. J AAPOS. 2024 May 23; 103938. PMID: 38796139.

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  • Published on 5/11/2024

    Li Y, Li J, Wang H, Du M, Wei L, Su T, Ding G, Qian X, Hua N. The Performance of Spot Photoscreener in 6 to 10 Weeks Infants in China: A Cross-Sectional Study. J Ophthalmol. 2024; 2024:8817530. PMID: 38765182.

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  • Published on 4/14/2024

    Sun L, Qi X, Song L, Ning Y, Zeng X, Ding G, Li X, Li J, Wei N, Hua N, Qian X. Longitudinal Changes in Refractive Development in Highly Hyperopic Children: A 2.6-11.2 Year Follow-up of Preschoolers Diagnosed with High Hyperopia. Curr Eye Res. 2024 Jul; 49(7):768-775. PMID: 38616539.

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  • Published on 5/26/2023

    Lotfollahzadeh S, Xia C, Amraei R, Hua N, Kandror KV, Farmer SR, Wei W, Costello CE, Chitalia V, Rahimi N. Inactivation of Minar2 in mice hyperactivates mTOR signaling and results in obesity. Mol Metab. 2023 Jul; 73:101744. PMID: 37245847.

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  • Published on 5/2/2023

    Li B, Hua N, Li J, Andreu-Arasa VC, LeBedis C, Anderson SW. Quantification of spinal bone marrow fat fraction using three-material decomposition technique on dual-energy CT: A phantom study. Med Phys. 2023 Jul; 50(7):4105-4111. PMID: 37129991.

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  • Published on 2/15/2023

    Herrera VLM, Gromisch CM, Decano JL, Pasion KA, Tan GLA, Hua N, Takahashi CE, Greer DM, Ruiz-Opazo N. Anti-DEspR antibody treatment improves survival and reduces neurologic deficits in a hypertensive, spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (hsICH) rat model. Sci Rep. 2023 Feb 15; 13(1):2703. PMID: 36792616.

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  • Published on 9/20/2022

    Hua N, Minaeva O, Lupoli N, Franz ES, Liu X, Moncaster JA, Babcock KJ, Jara H, Tripodis Y, Guermazi A, Soto JA, Anderson SW, Goldstein LE. Gadolinium Deposition in the Rat Brain Measured with Quantitative MRI versus Elemental Mass Spectrometry. Radiology. 2023 Jan; 306(1):244-251. PMID: 36125373.

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  • Published on 9/29/2021

    Li B, Hua N, Li J, Andreu-Arasa VC, LeBedis C, Anderson SW. Fat Fraction Measurements Using a Three-Material Decomposition Dual-Energy CT Technique Accounting for Bone Minerals: Evaluation in a Bone Marrow Phantom Using MRI as Reference. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2022 03; 218(3):553-554. PMID: 34585613.

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  • Published on 6/1/2020

    Veksler R, Vazana U, Serlin Y, Prager O, Ofer J, Shemen N, Fisher AM, Minaeva O, Hua N, Saar-Ashkenazy R, Benou I, Riklin-Raviv T, Parker E, Mumby G, Kamintsky L, Beyea S, Bowen CV, Shelef I, O'Keeffe E, Campbell M, Kaufer D, Goldstein LE, Friedman A. Slow blood-to-brain transport underlies enduring barrier dysfunction in American football players. Brain. 2020 06 01; 143(6):1826-1842. PMID: 32464655.

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