Michael Orlov, MD, PhD, FACC

Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Michael Orlov
736 Cambridge Street


Dr. Michael Orlov, MD is a cardiologist in Brighton, Massachusetts. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. He is affiliated with St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley, and Anna Jaques Hospital.


  • University of Maryland University College, BS
  • University of Massachusetts Worcester, MD/PhD


  • Published on 11/17/2023

    Wylie JV, Demchuk K, Koulouridis I, Jetty V, Dutta R, Bhattacharya A, Zorin D, Astsaturov A, Goldman A, Natan S, Orlov MV. Right-sided approach for left bundle branch area pacing is feasible and successful. Heart Rhythm. 2024 Mar; 21(3):352-354. PMID: 37979899.

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  • Published on 1/6/2023

    Perino AC, Wang PJ, Lloyd M, Zanon F, Fujiu K, Osman F, Briongos-Figuero S, Sato T, Aksu T, Jastrzebski M, Sideris S, Rao P, Boczar K, Yuan-Ning X, Wu M, Namboodiri N, Garcia R, Kataria V, De Pooter J, Przibille O, Gehi AK, Cano O, Katsouras G, Cai B, Astheimer K, Tanawuttiwat T, Datino T, Rizkallah J, Alasti M, Feld G, Barrio-Lopez MT, Gilmore M, Conti S, Yanagisawa S, Indik JH, Zou J, Saha SA, Rodriguez-Munoz D, Chang KC, Lebedev DS, Leal MA, Haeberlin A, Forno ARJD, Orlov M, Frutos M, Cabanas-Grandio P, Lyne J, Leyva F, Tolosana JM, Ollitrault P, Vergara P, Balla C, Devabhaktuni SR, Forleo G, Letsas KP, Verma A, Moak JP, Shelke AB, Curila K, Cronin EM, Futyma P, Wan EY, Lazzerini PE, Bisbal F, Casella M, Turitto G, Rosenthal L, Bunch TJ, Baszko A, Clementy N, Cha YM, Chen HC, Galand V, Schaller R, Jarman JWE, Harada M, Wei Y, Kusano K, Schmidt C, Hurtado MAA, Naksuk N, Hoshiyama T, Kancharla K, Iida Y, Mizobuchi M, Morin DP, Cay S, Paglino G, Dahme T, Agarwal S, Vijayaraman P, Sharma PS. Worldwide survey on implantation of and outcomes for conduction system pacing with His bundle and left bundle branch area pacing leads. J Interv Card Electrophysiol. 2023 Oct; 66(7):1589-1600. PMID: 36607529.

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  • Published on 11/23/2022

    Orlov MV. Redefining the response to CRT: Mission possible? Heart Rhythm. 2023 Feb; 20(2):171-172. PMID: 36435349.

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  • Published on 9/21/2022

    Orlov MV, Nikolaychuk M, Koulouridis I, Goldman A, Natan S, Armstrong J, Bhattacharya A, Hicks A, King M, Wylie J. Left bundle area pacing: Guiding implant depth by ring measurements. Heart Rhythm. 2023 Jan; 20(1):55-60. PMID: 36152975.

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  • Published on 4/19/2022

    Srivatsa UN, Orlov M, Crawford T, Olshansky B. Global voices: Providing medical care in a war-torn country. Heart Rhythm O2. 2022 Jun; 3(3):221-222. PMID: 35734301.

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  • Published on 7/30/2020

    Orlov MV, Olshansky B, Benditt DG, Kotler G, McIntyre T, Fujian Qu, Turkel M, Gorev M, Poghosyan H, Waldo AL. Is competitive atrial pacing a possible trigger for atrial fibrillation? Observations from the RATE registry. Heart Rhythm. 2021 Jan; 18(1):3-9. PMID: 32738404.

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  • Published on 7/23/2020

    Orlov MV, Jahangir A, McKelvey D, Armstrong J, Maslov M, Monin AJ, Koulouridis I, Casavant D, Wylie JV. His bundle pacing insights from electroanatomical mapping: Topography and pacing targets. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol. 2020 10; 31(10):2737-2743. PMID: 32666617.

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  • Published on 9/17/2019

    Maslov MY, Foianini S, Mayer D, Orlov MV, Lovich MA. Interaction Between Sacubitril and Valsartan in Preventing Heart Failure Induced by Aortic Valve Insufficiency in Rats. J Card Fail. 2019 Nov; 25(11):921-931. PMID: 31539619.

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  • Published on 8/16/2019

    Orlov MV, Casavant D, Koulouridis I, Maslov M, Erez A, Hicks A, Jahangir A, Aoun J, Wylie JV. Permanent His-bundle pacing using stylet-directed, active-fixation leads placed via coronary sinus sheaths compared to conventional lumen-less system. Heart Rhythm. 2019 12; 16(12):1825-1831. PMID: 31425775.

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  • Published on 2/1/2019

    Orlov MV, Koulouridis I, Monin AJ, Casavant D, Maslov M, Erez A, Hicks A, Aoun J, Wylie JV. Direct Visualization of the His Bundle Pacing Lead Placement by 3-Dimensional Electroanatomic Mapping: Technique, Anatomy, and Practical Considerations. Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol. 2019 02; 12(2):e006801. PMID: 30739495.

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