Martin Englund, MD, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor, Medicine

Martin Englund
72 E. Concord St Instructional (L)


Musculoskeletal diseases are a rapidly growing cause of disability, chronic pain, and reduced quality of life in an ageing population. My research aims to gain novel insights into these diseases, osteoarthritis in particular – their etiology, occurrence, natural history, treatments, prediction, disease monitoring, and disease burden – to allow for better healthcare decision-making and disease prevention. I also have a particular interest in the role of meniscus in osteoarthritis. I use a multidisciplinary approach to study osteoarthritis, including tissue biobanking and proteomics, structural imaging, and population-wide register based studies of epidemiology and health economics.


  • Lund University, MD
  • Lund University, PhD
  • Boston University School of Public Health, MSc


  • Published on 1/4/2024

    Magnusson K, Turkiewicz A, Rydén M, Englund M. Genetic Influence on Osteoarthritis Versus Other Rheumatic Diseases. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2024 Feb; 76(2):206-215. PMID: 37691153.

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  • Published on 11/30/2023

    Wijn SRW, Hannink G, Thorlund JB, Sihvonen R, Englund M, Rovers MM. Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy for the degenerative meniscus tear: a comparison of patients included in RCTs and prospective cohort studies. Acta Orthop. 2023 Nov 30; 94:570-576. PMID: 38037388.

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  • Published on 11/30/2023

    Clausen SH, Skou ST, Boesen MP, Radev DI, Kurt EY, Damsted C, Hölmich P, Lind M, Tørring S, Isaksen C, Varnum C, Englund M, Thorlund JB. Two-year MRI-defined structural damage and patient-reported outcomes following surgery or exercise for meniscal tears in young adults. Br J Sports Med. 2023 Nov 30; 57(24):1566-1572. PMID: 37879858.

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  • Published on 11/18/2023

    Paz-González R, Turkiewicz A, Ali N, Ruiz-Romero C, Blanco FJ, Englund M, Önnerfjord P. Proteomic profiling of human menisci from mild joint degeneration and end-stage osteoarthritis versus healthy controls. Osteoarthr Cartil Open. 2023 Dec; 5(4):100417. PMID: 38098679.

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  • Published on 11/5/2023

    Battista S, Kiadaliri A, Jönsson T, Gustafsson K, Englund M, Testa M, Dell'Isola A. Income-Related Inequality Changes in Osteoarthritis First-Line Interventions: A Cohort Study. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2023 Nov 05. PMID: 37935314.

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  • Published on 11/2/2023

    Pineda-Moncusí M, Dernie F, Dell'Isola A, Kamps A, Runhaar J, Swain S, Zhang W, Englund M, Pitsillidou I, Strauss VY, Robinson DE, Prieto-Alhambra D, Khalid S. Classification of patients with osteoarthritis through clusters of comorbidities using 633?330 individuals from Spain. Rheumatology (Oxford). 2023 Nov 02; 62(11):3592-3600. PMID: 36688706.

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  • Published on 10/2/2023

    Liew JW, Turkiewicz A, Roemer FW, Frobell RB, Felson D, Englund M. Diagnostic Accuracy of Candidate Magnetic Resonance Imaging Knee Osteoarthritis Definitions Versus Radiograph in an Acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Cohort. Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2023 Oct 02. PMID: 37781746.

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  • Published on 9/29/2023

    Johansson MS, Pottegård A, Søndergaard J, Englund M, Grønne DT, Skou ST, Roos EM, Thorlund JB. Use of prescribed analgesics before and after exercise therapy and patient education in patients with knee or hip osteoarthritis. Rheumatol Int. 2024 Feb; 44(2):319-328. PMID: 37775621.

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  • Published on 9/1/2023

    Dell'Isola A, Hellberg C, Turkiewicz A, Appleyard T, Yu D, Thomas G, Peat G, Englund M. Use of non-surgical treatments on the journey to knee replacement in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a 10-year population-based case-control study. RMD Open. 2023 Sep; 9(3). PMID: 37739449.

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  • Published on 8/28/2023

    Kiadaliri A, Dell'Isola A, Englund M. Inflammatory rheumatic diseases and the risk of drug use disorders: a register-based cohort study in Sweden. Clin Rheumatol. 2024 Jan; 43(1):81-85. PMID: 37639149.

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