Julie M. Herlihy, MD, MPH

Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics

Julie Herlihy
72 E. Concord St Building A


Dr. Julie Herlihy is a board certified pediatrician who treats hospitalized children and newborns at Boston Medical Center. Her public health research interests include: global maternal, child health; implementation science in low resourced settings; prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV; HIV-exposed, uninfected children; newborn survival, child development in low resourced settings; community-based healthcare delivery.

Other Positions

  • Pediatric Hospitalist, Inpatient Pediatrics and Newborn Medicine, Boston Medical Center
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Global Health, Boston University



  • University of Massachusetts Medical School, MD
  • Harvard School of Public Health, MPH
  • Brown University, BA


  • Published on 5/25/2023

    Sivalogan K, Banda B, Wagner J, Biemba G, Gagne N, Grogan C, Hamomba F, Herlihy JM, Mabeta C, Shankoti P, Simamvwa G, Sooli B, Yeboah-Antwi K, Hamer DH, Semrau KEA. Impact of beliefs on perception of newborn illness, caregiver behaviors, and care-seeking practices in Zambia's Southern province. PLoS One. 2023; 18(5):e0282881. PMID: 37228055.

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  • Published on 4/1/2022

    Lohman-Payne B, Koster J, Gabriel B, Chilengi R, Forman LS, Heeren T, Duffy CR, Herlihy J, Crimaldi S, Gill C, Chavuma R, Mwananyanda L, Thea DM. Persistent Immune Activation in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Pregnant Women Starting Combination Antiretroviral Therapy After Conception. J Infect Dis. 2022 Apr 01; 225(7):1162-1167. PMID: 33780543.

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  • Published on 3/7/2022

    Solomon H, Henry EG, Herlihy J, Yeboah-Antwi K, Biemba G, Musokotwane K, Bhutta A, Hamer DH, Semrau KEA. Intended versus actual delivery location and factors associated with change in delivery location among pregnant women in Southern Province, Zambia: a prespecified secondary observational analysis of the ZamCAT. BMJ Open. 2022 03 07; 12(3):e055288. PMID: 35256443.

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  • Published on 9/28/2021

    Karim SA, Weiss CN, Marrinan JE, Herlihy JM. Inflammation and Cytopenias in a Well-Appearing Infant With SARS-CoV-2. Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2022 02; 61(2):116-119. PMID: 34581199.

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  • Published on 6/28/2021

    Aftab F, Ahmed I, Ahmed S, Ali SM, Amenga-Etego S, Ariff S, Bahl R, Baqui AH, Begum N, Bhutta ZA, Biemba G, Cousens S, Das V, Deb S, Dhingra U, Dutta A, Edmond K, Esamai F, Ghosh AK, Gisore P, Grogan C, Hamer DH, Herlihy J, Hurt L, Ilyas M, Jehan F, Juma MH, Kalonji M, Khanam R, Kirkwood BR, Kumar A, Kumar A, Kumar V, Manu A, Marete I, Mehmood U, Minckas N, Mishra S, Mitra DK, Moin MI, Muhammad K, Newton S, Ngaima S, Nguwo A, Nisar MI, Otomba J, Quaiyum MA, Sarrassat S, Sazawal S, Semrau KE, Shannon C, Singh VP, Soofi S, Soremekun S, Suleiman AM, Sunday V, Dilip TR, Tshefu A, Wasan Y, Yeboah-Antwi K, Yoshida S, Zaidi AK. Direct maternal morbidity and the risk of pregnancy-related deaths, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa: A population-based prospective cohort study in 8 countries. PLoS Med. 2021 06; 18(6):e1003644. PMID: 34181649.

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  • Published on 5/15/2021

    Aggarwal A, Cohen E, Figueira M, Sabharwal V, Herlihy JM, Bronwen C, Barnett ED, Pelton SI, Camelo IY. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in an Adult With COVID-19-A Trial of Anakinra: A Case Report. Infect Dis Clin Pract (Baltim Md). 2021 Nov; 29(6):e420-e423. PMID: 34803350.

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  • Published on 5/5/2021

    Park JH, Hamer DH, Mbewe R, Scott NA, Herlihy JM, Yeboah-Antwi K, Semrau KEA. Components of clean delivery kits and newborn mortality in the Zambia Chlorhexidine Application Trial (ZamCAT): An observational study. PLoS Med. 2021 05; 18(5):e1003610. PMID: 33951036.

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  • Published on 4/26/2021

    Aggarwal, Abhimanyu, Ezra Cohen, Marisol Figueira, Vishakha Sabharwal, Julie M. Herlihy, Carroll Bronwen, Elizabeth D. Barnett, Stephen I. Pelton, and Ingrid Y. Camelo. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in an Adult With COVID-19—A Trial of Anakinra: A Case Report. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice. 2021.

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  • Published on 10/22/2018

    Population-based rates, timing, and causes of maternal deaths, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa: a multi-country prospective cohort study. Lancet Glob Health. 2018 12; 6(12):e1297-e1308. PMID: 30361107.

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  • Published on 6/19/2018

    Herlihy JM, Gille S, Grogan C, Bobay L, Simpamba K, Akonkwa B, Chisenga T, Hamer DH, Semrau K. Can community health workers identify omphalitis? A validation study from Southern Province, Zambia. Trop Med Int Health. 2018 07; 23(7):806-813. PMID: 29752848.

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